Bitumen premix grout L

Bitumen premix grout L

ready-to-use solvent-based grout with fine-grained minerals

  • LEUBIT® Bitumen premix grout L is a ready-to-use solvent-based grout with fine-grained minerals.
  • LEUBIT® Bitumen premix grout L is very smooth, allowing it to penetrate into pores and cavities. The product only needs to be applied once for complete pore filling and surface sealing.
  • LEUBIT® Bitumen premix grout L regenerates binders on old asphalt surfaces, and resists surface water immediately after application.
  • Compliant with ZTV BEA-StB 09/13 and TL Sbit-StB 15 road construction and asphalt codes.
25 kg bucket
24 buckets per pallet
  • LEUBIT® Bitumen premix grout L is used for sealing asphalt surfaces and base courses, repairing worn asphalt surfaces, and remedying asphalt surfaces that have become rough or porous for reasons such as construction faults.
  • Apply the product in dry weather at substrate temperatures of at least +5°C. The asphalt surface must be dry and completely clean. Mix thoroughly and spread the material evenly onto the substrate, and even the product out to a thin layer using a rubber squeegee or Schlämmeboy spreader.
  • Briefly allow to set, and hand-scatter 3-5 kg/m² quality crushed sand at 0/2 mm grain, fine gravel at 1/3 mm grain or slightly bituminised sand onto the treated surface.
  • Pay close attention to the safety data sheet as it contains safety information on storage, transport and handling bitumen LEUBIT® premix grout L.
  • Use a light roller to apply the sand or grit if treating large surfaces.
  • Roadways may be opened for traffic at a temporary speed limit of 40 kph or 25 mph immediately after scattering.
  • Material consumption: about 0.8 to 1.3 kg/m² on asphalt concrete, or 1.5 to 2.0 kg/m² on asphalt binders or asphalt base courses.
  • The product only needs to be applied once.
  • Shelf life in sealed original containers: 12 months.
  • Not sensitive to frost.
  • Bitumen binder
  • Flash point (DIN 53213, Part 1): above 21°C
  • Density at 20°C: approx. 1,650 kg/m³
  • Solids: approx. 81% by weight
  • Consistency: thixotropic fluid
  • Cleaning agent: LEUBIT® eco cleaner
  • Always dispose of empty canisters and residual content according to your local, regional, national or international regulations.
  • Bitumen blend containing solvents
  • Minerals
  • Adhesives