Eco cleaner

Eco cleaner

Cleaning agent based purely on renewable raw materials

  • LEUBIT® eco cleaner is a highly effective cleaning agent developed using 100% renewable resources.
  • LEUBIT® eco cleaner is environmentally friendly and harmless to humans and animals.
5 L canister
125 canisters per pallet
  • LEUBIT® eco cleaner is used for cleaning machinery, tools, any type of working implements, or vehicle bodies.
  • LEUBIT® eco cleaner has a high flashpoint (Fp > 100°C) and is suitable for cleaning hot surfaces and machine parts.
  • LEUBIT® eco cleaner penetrates layers of asphalt, bitumen and tar residues, and many other fat, wax, oil, paint and sealant-based impurities.
  • LEUBIT® eco cleaner contains no chemical solvents.
  • LEUBIT® eco cleaner should be applied evenly using a cloth or roller over the soiled surface, and can be wiped off again after allowing a brief period for the product to take effect.
  • Repeat application on the surface may be advisable depending on the degree of soiling on the surface.
  • We recommend refilling LEUBIT® eco cleaner into a spray can or compressed air pump to use on machine components that are otherwise difficult to reach.
  • The amount of LEUBIT® eco cleaner to be used will be based on the size of the area to be treated and the level of soiling on the surface.
  • Store in a dry place shielded from sunlight.
  • Frost-resistant down to -12°C.
  • Storage life at least 24 months.
  • Always dispose of empty canisters and residual content according to your local, regional, national or international regulations.
  • Methylester EN 14214 (see product data sheet)