repair asphalt 0/5

repair asphalt 0/5

is a single-­compo­nent, solvent-­free, ready-­to-use­ repair asphalt

  • LEUBIT® repair asphalt 0/5 is a single-component, solvent-free, ready-to-use repair asphalt product.
  • LEUBIT® repair asphalt 0/5 is applied cold, ensuring simple and user-friendly handling
  • The consumption amounts to 25 kg/m² for a layer compacted to approximately 1 cm thickness.
  • LEUBIT® repair asphalt 0/5 can be applied at temperatures down to -5°C.
25kg PE bucket
24 buckets per pallet
  • Cold mix for easy and quick repair on potholes, frost cracks and other damage to asphalt and concrete surfaces.
  • LEUBIT® repair asphalt 0/5 is highly suitable for patching edge strips, ramping up driveways and many other road-building applications.
  • Clean the damaged area using a sweeper or compressed air before beginning repair work. The surface should be dry and free of dirt or other contaminants.
  • We recommend  LEUBIT® Primer or  LEUBIT® Primer Spray to prime the substrate and edges to improve adhesion and bind dust.
  • Allow the primer to dry out before applying LEUBIT® repair asphalt 0/5 with slight excess.
  • Smooth with a rake.
  • Roll over the material or level it down using a tamper or plate compactor.
  • We recommend sprinkling the site with crushed sand.
  • The maximum layer thickness is 5 cm.
  • LEUBIT® repair asphalt 0/5 fulfils German road and traffic research association (FGSV) instructions for repairing asphalt and eliminating damage (H RepA).
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Storage life at least 12 months.
  • Use hand-washing paste in case of skin contact.
  • Use cleaning solvent or other common solvents on equipment.

Always dispose of empty canisters and residual content according to your local, regional, national or international regulations.

Blend of minerals (such as rock and aggregate), bitumen, and additives.