repair mortar 0/5

repair mortar 0/5

Complete ready-mix product in bucket packaging

  • Complete ready-mix product in bucket packaging; consists of polymer bitumen emulsion, mineral admixture and set accelerator.
  • Grain size 0/2
25 kg bucket
24 buckets per pallet
  • 08_LEUBIT® repair mortar 0/5 is suitable for repairing, levelling, ramping, repairing thin-layer coatings and other cracks, and framing in inlets and gate valves.
  • Installation depth up to 15 mm
  • The substrate should be clean and dry. Remove any loose or oily parts.
  • Sparingly pre-spray the damage using 04_LEUBIT® bitumen emulsion C 40B5-S (approx. 0.2 kg/m²) and leave to dry until blackened.
  • Add the mineral admixture and cement* into the mortar tub, pre-mix, and moisten with 0.5 – 1.0 litre of water
  • Add special bitumen emulsion and mix vigorously using a shovel, trowel or similar tool
  • Adjust the consistency as necessary afterwards by adding water
  • Immediately apply 08_LEUBIT® repair mortar 0/5 using a shovel, trowel or squeegee.
  • Application time about 10 to 20 minutes depending on weather conditions
  • *Cement dosage: High ambient temperature (15–30°C): at least 0.1 kg, Low ambient temperature (5–15°C): up to 0.4 kg, Consider carrying out a test application first.
  • We recommend gently sprinkling the repaired surface with sand.
  • The repaired surface will need half to a full hour before it is suitable for traffic depending on prevailing conditions (weather, temperature).
  • Deeper faults should be filled in using two layers up to max. 15 mm each application.
  • Slightly overfill the repair material as it will compact down by around 5%.5%.
  • Store in a dry place, not too warm. Always avoid freezing.
  • Shake special bitumen emulsion on if stored over an extended period.
  • Mieszanka substancji mineralnych 0–2 mm 19,0 kg
  • Modyfikowana polimerami specjalna emulsja bitumiczna 3,3 kg
  • Przyspieszacz (cement) 0,4 kg
  • Mineral admixture 0–2 mm 19.0 kg
  • Polymer-modified special bitumen emulsion 3.3 kg
  • Set accelerator (cement) 0.4 kg
  • Always dispose of empty containers and residual content according to local, regional, national or international regulations.