TOK® Band Spezial 40×10

TOK® Band Spezial 40×10

Self-adhesive bitumen joint tape for melting onto joints and seams in asphalt road construction.

  • TOK® self-adhesive tape is a high-quality bitumen joint tape in road bitumen with polymer additives, and ensures excellent elasticity and adhesion properties.
  • TOK® self-adhesive tape has a self-adhesive layer completely covering one side. This ensures fast, reliable “cold” application without requiring a gas torch.
  • Apply TOK® self-adhesive tape without priming. The tape has been tested according to the German joints directive TL/TP Fug-StB and meets all requirements of the directive without the need of a primer. TOK® self-adhesive primer may optionally be applied for improved edge adhesion such as on a soiled substrate.
  • World’s first self-adhesive bitumen joint tape.
  • No primer required.
  • No gas torch required to melt the tape on.
  • Tested according to the supplemental regulations to the German road asphalt joints directive (ZTV Fug-StB).
  • Fast and efficient application.
Profile in mm Single roll length in metres Number of rolls per cardboard Metres per cardboard box Metres per pallet
40×10 mm 10 3 30 900

Other dimensions available on request