Primer Spray

Primer Spray

priming substrates to improve adhesion for various bitumen construction materials

  • LEUBIT® primer spray is a sprayable bitumen primer that contains solvents.
  • The specialised spray can is equipped with a user-friendly tilting valve that turns in any direction allowing small surfaces to be primed without additional tools.
  • LEUBIT® primer spray penetrates more effectively into the substrate, binds dust and cures more quickly than brushed-on bitumen primers.
750 ml spray bottle
12 bottles per cardbox
  • LEUBIT® primer spray is ideal for priming substrates to improve adhesion for various bitumen construction materials.
  • LEUBIT® primer spray adheres to most common construction substrates such as concrete, masonry, plaster, metal, wood, asphalt and similar.
  • Clean the damaged area using a sweeper or compressed air before beginning repair work. The surface should be dry and free of dirt or other contaminants.
  • Store the product and allow it to reach room temperature before application; shake the can thoroughly before use.
  • Spray LEUBIT® primer spray evenly at a distance of around 25 cm from the substrate by tilting the spray valve.
  • Only spray downwards; attempting to spray upwards will only release propellant, which may render it impossible to use all of the product and completely empty the can.
  • Do not start on any subsequent work until after the primer has completely cured.

Always dispose of empty bottles and residual content according to your local, regional, national or international regulations.

  • Bitumen blend containing solvents
  • Solvents: hydrocarbons, C9, aromatics (30–40%)